Women In Power Pageant is a unique pageantry. Our mission is to improve the lives of women.


In 2020 we are giving 40 young women as well as women in the community an opportunity to learn how to build upon their dreams. Through our pageant each contestant will have a total of six optionals that are presented in the form of an interactive workshop, intended to give them the tools to not only build their character but to also support the manifesting of their dreams into a fulfilling reality. That is our goal.


In order to accomplish our goal we are looking to affiliate our Women In Power Pageant with business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals that have faith in seeing our young women succeed.

Women In Power Pageant is not only looking for brand ambassadors to volunteer and help us behinds the scenes, we are also looking for financial supporters to build a brand with us.

Our pageant is partnered with a digital media company and a PR and Marketing firm. We are offering digital and local branding opportunties for venue owners and entrepreneurs that have products and services for a local and national audience.

With your help, our 20 contestants and over 360 women in the area, along with our social media live audiences will build and be a part of a lasting experience.


We look to see a total reach of over 30K individuals. Our event will be hosted live in Poughkeepsie, NY in June 2020. Women In Power Pageant is offering our financial supporters the following branding opportunities: nine interactive and insightful optional session designed to give women a space to empower themselves; listing in a digital directory, video ad spots that will posted on our social media platforms, audio interviews, audio and stage mentions, and press release mentions, host mentions on our podcasts with the 20 contestants, and more. 

Women In Power Pageant is offering the Hudson Valley community an opportunity to build, celebrate, congratulate, and support our women. Join us in this great endeavor, giving women the opportunity to own their creative path in building an impactful and memorable journey.



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