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Created to uplift women of all ages.

In todays society there are still opposed thoughts and treatment that women are facing. The aspiration for creating Women In Power Pageant is to give every girl that walks through our door a life lasting experience. 

Women In Power Pageant is a unique pageantry created to foster a lifestyle where women learn from the inside out to see themselves as unique individuals and gifts to our world. Through out their path to the stage they will have the opportunity to be a part of inspiriting experiences. 

Women In Power Pageant's goal is to improve the lives of women of all ages; to allow women to learn how they could foster a trajectory and mindset that will allow them to make choices that will guarantee them the respect that they deserve. 

It is our goal that through the Women In Power Pageant that our contestants walk away with the ability to build each other up, celebrate each other, congratulate each other, and support each other through out life.





Our first annual Women In Power Pageant will be held Saturday, June 6, 2020. Starting in April, we will host a variety of optional workshops for the contestants that include; empowerment, etiquette, discussions with women in business, stage presence, self-reliance, positive relationship, entrepreneurial talk backs with local women in business and more.

Women In Power Pageant is available to 20 women between the ages of 17 and 21.  Join our Facebook and Instagram page to follow our journey or register today.


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Women In Power 2020 Optionals

Your Best Yes! - Amina S. Carter - 3/7/20

Business Etiquette
Stage Presence

Local Pageant Winner Discussion Group

Make Up Session

Career Counseling - 4/18/20

Women In Business Talk Back

Financial Workshop

Relationship Building

Women that are a part of the general public are invited to participate in six of the nine Women In Power Pageant optional courses. For more information or to purchase your tickets click on the light blue text. Our goal is to uplift women of all ages.

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